Friday, April 13, 2012

Red Dynasty

I must confess, my first realization that I just might have a thing for the actual fashion industry came when I stumbled upon the famed, an amazing blog that consistently speaks my language. She was even the deciding factor on joining Twitter. (So sad, I know, but at least I finally got on twitter, right?)

And now, she's brought me to I. Die. (I swear I was saying that before I ever saw Zoe! Seriously. It was mine first.) 

And within seconds, I stumbled across this: 

A Romanov Russian Faberge Egg. 
In red. 
Red perfection. 

with the exact amount of gold to complement and not control 
and a diamond kiss.

I wanted desperately to reach it and snatch it and keep it under my pillow for the rest of my life. And then...

Awww.... I saw the other photos. How could my darling possibly be this tiny!  I don't do small. I lose small. I don't own a single pendant that isn't ten times the size of this.

But maybe that's a good thing. It'll save me from forsaking my future savings upon this perfect piece of royalty. It leaves me the joy of constantly revisiting it online (they have since moved it to their front page, and rightly so!), in true 'larger-than-life' form.

Sigh. Isn't it just perfect? It's the first Faberge I've ever loved. And I've seen a few in person. But now... perhaps I should give Mr. Fab a bit more of a look-see in the future.


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