Monday, April 16, 2012

Lunar Louboutin

I was searching for something completely different when I came across these. 

Yes, they are Louboutin. 
Yes, they are from Fall/Winter 2009.
Yes, I know, decades ago in fashion speak.

And I don't care.

Have you ever seen anything so... 


The beauty is in the balance. The eye travels and the curves trap and wrap you within its shells and the red... the red! 
Its peek just makes the thin white peek of trim pop so perfectly, 
and then you are back in amongst the curves. 
(I swear, that man wasgenius in "seeing the red sole" that one fateful runway... 
I am SO grateful. I never tire of it.)

Back to these lovelies. I looove how each bulb decreases just a little more as we approach the incredibly delicious and unusual toe. Not a peek-a-boo toe. But still a peek-a-boo toe.

"Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli-lollipop!"
Oh, but how they make that wonderful song play in my head.

My eyes could just draw and redraw these all day long.... thank you Louboutin!


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