Monday, May 14, 2012

Hollywood Glamour Hits NYC

2012 Met Gala Favorites Series

Surely I'm not the only one that thought of
Lauren Bacall when I saw this photo, right?

Kudos to Kirsten Dunst.
Perhaps the all-knowing smirk comes
from her recent transition into her 30's,
which, as any woman will tell you,
is the decade we usually come into our true power,
but this Rodarte moment makes me want to stammer.

I rarely see true "old Hollywood" glamour, 
even when it's styled on purpose.

But somehow I don't think Kirsten was going for that.
She just went there.
And the Rodarte was there waiting to make it all fit.

I love it.
She is truly smart, witty and somehow daring in this.

I wish the skirt was shorter, but that's just me.
And it's not "Met Gala" dramatic,
but then again,
every photo of her that night convinces you that
she is smack in the middle of Hollywood,
and that Cary Grant is getting out of his limo behind her.

How can you be more dramatic than that?

And may I just say,
congrats to her courage to not fall into the dramatic plastic surgery traps
that are enveloping anyone over the age of 18.

Because of it, she looks better than them all.


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