Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Beautiful Poem for Hermès

This is a song of poetry
to the kings & queens 
that are Hermès.

Not the owners,
not the creators,
but the makers...

...the makers themselves.

Some may call them the little elves
that are enchanted by moonlight
to make their perfect rings
and their purses sing
with the sewing that breaks the shadows of my mind.


The simple answer is the perfect piece
Hearts and Crafts.

It is a ghastly name.
It is the worst sin against
a perfect porcelain piece of a poem.

I say poem because
movies, documentaries, entries
on the cinema stages of our lives...

just aren't completed this masterfully.
this perfectly.
this well.

I shall blame it on the writer.
The name glares like a cheap replica of a 
Michaels craft store sign, unhinged
and orange red against a sad woman's
old draperies... 'Hearts and Crafts' indeed.

So do not let this name fool you.
Do not.

The filmmaker is silk.
The subjects refined
handsome, artistic,
eloquent and knowledgeable.

I do not own a scarf, a book, a label,
nothing from this name of Hermès.
But I own their soul.

They stay with me always
in my mind
refreshing and repeating
time after time after time.

So stay.
Watch with me.

Just for a moment.
Give your mind a refreshing drink
of spring and of right and of rain
and let yourself be doused in the magic
and the mystery that is...

hiring the masters
of the young
and of the old.

and see a timeless classic,
hidden in the folds
of webpages and webbrowsers.

A little piece, a little leaf that is,
was and always will be
just hidden
in the folds



To see this short film about the history and craftsmen behind Hermès in France, Click here: Hearts and Crafts (Les Mains d'Hermes).
Note: The original French title of the film is called Les Mains d'Hermes. Better, yet not close enough. Enjoy.
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