Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Torch Strikes Gold

Thomas Heatherwick's 2012 Olympic "Cauldron"

I know about the controversy surrounding the Olympic Torch for this year's Summer Olympics in London. 

Since I do have a thing for fire and flames, I suppose if I was there I'd be massively disappointed to have it hidden... 
even dismantled at times... too. 

But still.


It's brilliant.

First of all, this picture is just a model of the actual torch, or "cauldron," as they are calling it. It's a bit too much of a Harry Potter term for me, especially considering the UK connection, so I'm sticking with 'torch.' 

Or 'Magnificent Torch.' Maybe 'Torch of Kings'? Ah. I have it:

'Olympian Torch.'


Model of Actual Petal - to Scale

The brilliance of this Olympian Torch design lies in its petals.

Thomas Heatherwick took on an enormous task with this design.
As a major in Brit Lit,
let me just say...

I know.

But with these petals, 204 of them, mind you,
he transcended the normal Olympic torch experience.

In a world of ever-increasing global connectivity and "one-ness," 
this design not only fulfills its usual purpose of representing the ongoing centuries of Olympic Spirit and Tradition, but it also, 
at the same time, shows the other side of the coin... 
the lines that do make us different, 
the borders that do separate us, 
the differences that make us each a nation of one people.

This picture, showing the torch from within its stems, illustrates my point perfectly. 

It was devoutly taken by a British Blogger by freezing her BBC channel and snapping this shot with her iPhone. I love my iPhone too... that 'connectivity' I mentioned.

The stems and petals at all times represent each competing team's unique spirit, while the flame above is that power which only develops, grows and emanates when we all come together.

Powerful, isn't it?

My many thanks to London.
My many thanks to Heatherwick.

And my congratulations to all the teams.
May your inspiration create a fire that is not easily quenched.



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